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Dr. Brinley is an Internal Medicine physician with extensive cosmetic training and experience. She completed medical school at Ohio University Heritage College of Medicine with Cleveland Clinic Affiliation. Dr. Brinley completed Internal medicine residency in Chicago at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, a University of Illinois at Chicago affiliated program. Dr. Brinley has been practicing in intensive care medicine, aesthetics, skin care and acute care medicine since graduation. She has been recognized on many occasions for her technique as well as bed-side manner. Dr. Brinley is highly skilled in complex adult medicine and focuses on healing the individual from the inside out. She always says “the greatest preparation for tomorrow, is being the best you today. This is her philosophy, feeling great on the inside and letting it shine through to the outside. Yes, enhancements add that special flair, but when you feel great from within, the attitude with cosmetic enhancements Dr. Brinley can perform will take you that extra mile. Imagine, feeling, looking and just being your best. Don’t want or need any enhancements? That’s okay, some of us just have “good genes”! Dr. Brinley can still be your dependable doctor, bringing the hospital medicine she has practiced through the years into your home or office setting. Whether you came down with an acute illness or battle a chronic disease, Dr. Brinley is here to help. Her concierge medical practice makes her present and there for each of her patient’s. There are no cattle numbers here, no long waits, and no unanswered phone calls. Dr. Brinley is truly at your service, a doctor you can trust and together create a better tomorrow.



Seven years of experience and American Board Certified



Extensive training in Internal, General, Geriatric, Critical Care, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine

Dr. Brinley Medical Concierge | Los Angeles & Beverly Hills



Best Patient Centered Care Award 2018



Offering the best medical and skincare treatments in the Industry.

Dr. Brinley is the absolute best medical concierge service in Beverly Hills. Dr. Brinley has been an excellent primary care doctor as well as medical esthetician. I love that I can call one person for all my medical needs.

Brenda Greene

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