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Eye Brow Lift

There’s nothing we can do to stop the aging process, but we can decrease the effects and appearances. 

As wrinkles set in, a non surgical eyebrow lift may be the right option to return you to a more youthful look.

Dr. Brinley offers non surgical eyebrow lift procedures throughout the Greater Los Angeles area including Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Long Beach, and many other neighborhoods.

When you want to look younger and fight the effects of gravity, call Dr. Brinley to schedule your eyebrow lift.

Dr. Brinley Medical Concierge

A Temporary Treatment with Excellent Results

A brow lift can be used when a more permanent solution isn’t what you desire. If you want to find out if you like the look before undergoing plastic surgery, a non-surgical eyebrow lift offers a good option.

As a non-invasive choice, an eyebrow lift allows you to get the results you want and make adjustments as you see fit with each new treatment. You won’t be stuck with the results like with actual plastic surgery.

What is a Non-surgical Eyebrow Lift?

A non-surgical eyebrow lift is a cosmetic procedure used to tighten and raise the skin of the forehead and eyebrow. This procedure has the ability to smooth out furrows found between your eyebrows. It can also help with fixing drooping eyebrows and removing forehead lines.

By using safe and effective procedure, such as Botox or dermal fillers, the eyebrow can return to a more youthful appearance. Plumpness can be added and the tissue of the forehead and around the upper eye can be relaxed.

How Long will a Non-surgical Eyebrow Lift Last?

Since a non-surgical eyebrow lift is done with an injectable, it’s not permanent. However, the right eyebrow lift can last many months and even up to one year. You may desire to get your treatment touched up once or twice per year.

What Advantages does an Eyebrow Lift offer?

Getting a non-surgical eyebrow lift will provide plenty of benefits. This type of procedure will help shorten a long forehead, lift sagging brows, increase self-confidence, provide a rejuvenated look, and may even help improve visual fields.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for an Eyebrow Lift?

If you desire that “more awake” look even after a long week or you have low hanging brows, getting an eyebrow lift is ideal for you. In addition, good candidates for this procedure should have reasonable expectations and be in good health.

Dr. Brinley provides concierge eyebrow lift services throughout Lost Angeles. Meet Dr. Brinley at her office at your convenience or stay in the comfort of your home. Dr. Brinley will enhance your beauty wherever is optimal for you and your schedule! If you’re ready to enhance your beauty, call Dr. Brinley to schedule your free beauty consultation.

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