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When traveling, the right vaccinations are important.

However, travel medicine goes beyond the routine exam and administering the right vaccinations.


Dr. Brinley has extensive  training in travel medicine and stays up-to-date with all CDC guidelines.

From travel vaccinations to proper medications to what to eat and not eat, Dr. Brinley will help get you prepared for your upcoming trip.

Dr. Brinley Medical Concierge

Concierge Travel Medicine Serving Los Angeles

Dr. Brinley’s concierge travel medicine services offer everything you need right in the comfort of your own home to ensure the utmost privacy. Some of the travel medicine services Dr. Brinley provides include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Antibiotics
  • Medications to take on the trip
  • What to eat and not to eat on your trip
  • Packing List Recommendations

Serving Beverly Hills and the Greater Los Angeles area, Dr. Brinley provides concierge services to Santa Monica, Hollywood, Malibu, Long Beach, Brentwood, Venice, and many other LA neighborhoods.

Why do you need Vaccinations Before Traveling?

While not all travel will require vaccinations, some areas of the world are prone to specific diseases or infections. If you visit these destinations without proper vaccinations, you  would become infected and bring the disease back to the United States. Travel vaccinations administered before you leave will ensure you don’t contract these diseases and infections. You’ll be able to stay healthy during your trip and your return home. Some countries do require specific proof of vaccinations before you can enter the country, as well.

What type of Diseases and infections may occur due to Travel?

The potential diseases and infections you may encounter during travel depend on the destination. Commonly, viral, fungal, bacterial, and parasitic infections may be contracted through food or water in a foreign land. You may even contract an infection due to contact with a contaminated person or surface. Along with infections, some of the illnesses contracted during travel include travelers diarrhea, yellow fever, malaria, and dengue fever. Other diseases may also be found in tropical or subtropical regions and may cause serious respiratory and digestive issues.

The diseases and infections you may encounter in specific areas of the world may cause symptoms throughout your trip and for months after you return. Some diseases may even cause permanent disability or become fatal.

Which Vaccinations do you need Before Traveling?

The right vaccinations depend on where you will be traveling to and how long you plan to stay. Dr. Brinley remains up-to-date with all CDC guidelines and recommendations from the International Health Organization. When you set your appointment for concierge travel medical services with Dr. Brinley, she will be able to recommend the right vaccinations for your specific travel plans.

How soon do you need to get Vaccinated before your Trip?

Most travel vaccinations need to be administered two to four weeks before leaving. However, it will depend on the vaccinations you need and it’s best to speak with Dr. Brinley as soon as you make plans for your trip. The sooner you know which vaccinations you need and how far in advance you need them, the easier it will be to schedule your appointment with Dr. Brinley.

What other Travel Medicine Services are important before leaving?

Every patient is different and you may require travel medicine services in addition to travel vaccinations.

Maybe you need to make sure you travel with enough medication as it may not be available in your chosen destination.

Dr. Brinley will assess your specific risk factors to ensure you’re traveling without any worry. She will make recommendations for foods to avoid and any water precautions specific to your destination. In addition, she will make sure you are well stocked on the necessary medications for your trip. When you’re planning a trip overseas, make sure you remain healthy throughout your trip and your return. Schedule a concierge travel medicine appointment with Dr. Brinley today and find out which vaccinations you need, along with other health recommendations for your trip.