Daily Moisturizer



As important as drinking water for the body, skin needs to hydrate daily as well. The Dr. Brinley Daily Moisturizer is the drink all skincare routines need. After years of product trials and errors, Dr. Brinley has combined the best ingredients for clients to see and experience the greatest results. Full of alfalfa concentrate, a natural source of saponins, the daily moisturizer provides essential hydration for the skin. Studies show its powerful ability to cleanse pores while preventing break-outs. The daily moisturizer hydrates while firming loose skin, brightening uneven tone and smoothing texture.

Clients agree that:

  1. Firmer Appearing Texture started 2-3 weeks into use
  2. Brighter Skin appearance after application
  3. Smoother Skin with continued use


Apply Dr. Brinley Beauty day and night from forehead to base of neck and as low as shirt line. It may be applied with the smoothing applicator that is provided, hands using a circular motion or skin roller apparatus.