Renewing Eye Cream



Developed by Dr. Brinley, based on ancient Chinese medicine, the Renewing Eye cream is a concentrated formula of ginseng. Research shows that the ginseng root slows collagen loss, boosts collagen formation and decreases fine lines. The Renewing Eye Cream was formulated by Dr. Brinley to reduce under eye circles, diminish fine lines, and decrease wrinkle depth. Ginseng itself has been linked to many anti-aging products and was the key component Dr. Brinley focused on for creating the Renewing Eye Cream formulation. The eye cream gives a more rested and youthful appearance by reducing darkening of the under eye area, boosting collagen production and diminishing wrinkles.

Clients Agree that:

  1. Fine Lines and wrinkles lessened after 4 weeks use
  2. Reduction in under eye circle appearance was apparent
  3. Decrease in wrinkle depth with use
  4. Increase in skin elasticity of overall eye area


Apply to under eye area and around eye outer corners. Apply with fingers using an outward motion to smooth and boost circulation.