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Known as the top beauty treatment for both men and women, BOTOX offers a safe and effective anti- aging beauty treatment. It’s known to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, along with providing other benefits.

Dr. Brinley offers BOTOX treatments throughout the Greater Los Angeles area including Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and many other LA neighborhoods.

Whether you want BOTOX to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles or for a nasal lift, Dr. Brinley can help.

From eyebrow lifts to lip corner lifts to eliminating crows feet, BOTOX offers the best cosmetic treatment to help you look younger.

Dr. Brinley Medical Group

What is BOTOX?

To start, what is a wrinkle? A wrinkle is formed when you build large muscles in your face from facial expressions over time. Just like when you go to the gym and lift weights to enlarge muscles and gain more definition. BOTOX treatments temporarily weaken/ freeze the muscle function in the area where it’s injected. This in turn causes the wrinkle to disappear. Used as a cosmetic treatment, BOTOX has the ability to reduce or eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Where can BOTOX be Administered?

BOTOX treatments can be used in many areas of the face including:

  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Between the Eyebrows
  • Under the Eyes
  • Around the Mouth

With the right BOTOX treatment, frown lines, wrinkles, crows feet, and other signs of aging can be reduced or eliminated.

How long does it take for BOTOX Treatments to Work?

Once administered, a BOTOX treatment may start to take effect 1-3 days in but expect full effects at 10 days. A single treatment will last between three and five months and booster treatments can be provided to help maintain the smoothness of the skin.

How does a BOTOX Treatment Work?

BOTOX treatment takes about 30 minutes and the procedure will include cleaning and numbing the skin before injecting BOTOX solution into the targeted area. Once the treatment is completed, you will be able to resume normal activities immediately. It’s common to experience some swelling and less likely bruising after the treatment. Dr. Brinley will do her best to numb any discomfort with ice or lidocaine depending on the sensitivity of the patient. The procedure is very little pain and many would say it’s no pain at all. Using an ice pack after the procedure will help to numb any residual discomfort and reduce swelling. If you’re looking for the right treatment to reverse the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, BOTOX may be the solution for you. Dr. Brinley administers BOTOX treatments all throughout the Greater LA area. Schedule your free consultation today.