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Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) is also called the immortality facial, and micro-needling.

This specific facial treatment offers many benefits and several celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, swear by this treatment. 

Some have referred to PRP treatments as the “fountain of youth” and others have called it the “magic pill” of youth.

Also, many may recognize the treatment under the name Dermapen, one of the best micro-needling devices on the market. 

Dr. Brinley Medical Concierge

Platelet Rich Plasma in Your Home

Regardless of the name used, this specific facial treatment offers several benefits including:

  • Anti-wrinkles and fine lines
  • Decreases pore size
  • Heals scarring
  • Increases collagen growth
  • Increases cell turnover
  • Hair growth
  • Diminishes Pigmentation

Dr. Brinley provides concierge plasma rich platelet treatments throughout the Los Angeles area including Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Culver City, Brentwood, and many other LA neighborhoods. Whether you want to look younger or you want to reduce the appearance of scars, a PRP facial treatment may provide the perfect solution.

What is Plasma Rich Platelet Rejuvenation?

This facial treatment uses plasma-rich platelets to improve the tone and tightness of your skin. The treatment will trigger your inflammatory response to increase cell count within your skin. The end result will include a younger-looking appearance.

How do Plasma Rich Platelets work during the treatment?

Plasma-rich platelets play a large role in cell growth within the body. They are involved in cell regeneration and the healing process. When you undergo a PRP facial rejuvenation treatment, the plasma-rich platelets will help to naturally repair damaged cells by triggering your body’s natural healing response.

Since plasma-rich platelets come from your own blood, the treatment is very tolerable. Even a single dose can provide visible results to your skin.

What should you expect during a PRP treatment?

Since the plasma-rich platelets are taken from your blood, this treatment starts with having blood drawn for the treatment. Then, your blood will be put into a centrifuge, which will separate the components allowing the plasma-rich platelets to be collected.

Next, your doctor will prepare the dose for your PRP treatment. Finally, the plasma-rich platelet dose will be injected into your facial skin to provide rejuvenation.

What type of recovery can be expected with a PRP Facial Rejuvenation Treatment?

After your PRP facial treatment, you may experience some redness for a few days. This will subside and you will start to see the effects of the treatment.

What will the results be from a PRP treatment?

A single dose PRP treatment provides many benefits and your results will include younger looking, tighter, more toned skin. You may also notice a reduction in wrinkles and scars after just one treatment. While one treatment can provide excellent results, your skin will continue to age. Regular facial rejuvenation treatments are necessary to keep your skin looking youthful and to help reverse and prevent future wrinkles and fine lines. Treatments can be repeated every three to six months.

Dr. Brinley offers the perfect solution for your plasma-rich platelet rejuvenation treatment. You won’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. With Dr. Brinley’s concierge spa services, you can receive the PRP treatment you desire on your time without the hassle of sitting in traffic or feeling stuck in a waiting room. Save time and gain a higher level of service by choosing Dr. Brinley for your plasma rich platelet treatment. She will arrive quickly and discreetly with everything necessary to perform the treatment right in the comfort of your home. Call  today and schedule your free consultation.